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Writing Rainbow
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another themed fic community
writing rainbow

Welcome to writing_rainbow, yet another themed fic challenge. Our theme is rainbows, because everyone loves a good rainbow.
how it works

Claim a fandom, character, pairing or group, and a set of prompts. Then write a story for each prompt, and post them to the community to share. When you finish your set, you get a prize. :D

1. Claims: All fandoms are allowed. RPF, historical RPF, original fiction are allowed. You may make more than one claim, but please don't go overboard.

2. Limits: Minimum word count is 100 words. Fan art is allowed as well as fic. Claims that are not active for more than 90 days may be forfeited.

3. Posting: Please LJ-cut all fic over 250 words, all art, and all explicit/graphic work. You can use the following header:

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